"Thanks for lining up the crew quickly, especially leading into a long weekend. The guys did exemplary work right up through completion"
Matt, Home Owner, Boulder, CO


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Underground Utilities

Nixcavating is proud to specialize in all types of underground utility work, and we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable and efficient while in the trench. Our experience with the installation, repair and replacement of utility service lines will ensure you get the job done correctly. You can trust our judgment and decades of experience when discussing the plan of action to solve your problem.


We are able to install, repair and replace all underground utility service lines, including water lines and dedicated fire lines or hydrants, sewer lines and septic tanks, storm sewer lines, and electric, gas, or communication lines.


Residential Utility Work

Our residential customers can feel confident that we will work with them to solve their emergency water or sewer line service issues with integrity and expert experience. For more information on our emergency utility service repair or utility installation guarantee, please click here.

General Contractor Utility Work

We know the main concern on any General Contractors site is safety, which is why we do our best to be pro-active with our safety training and per-trench precautions. The longer the trench is open, the greater chance of an issue, which is why we believe in getting in and getting out, as quickly and safely as possible. Working in a trench is potentially a very dangerous activity, which is why our utility crews are well versed in safety regulations and practices. For more information on utility projects we've worked on in the past, click here.


Water Lines

    • Yard Hydrant
    • Meter Pit
    • Backflow preventer


Fire Lines and Fire Hydrants


Septic Tanks and Fields

    • Removal and Disposal


Sewer Lines

    • Camera and locate lines
    • Install Clean-Out for easy access


Storm Sewer Lines

    • Catch Basins
    • Man Holes


Electric, Gas, and Communication Lines

    • Installation Only

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